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I QUIT! I’m Wandering Off to See the World

The Job I Chose to Leave

For the past five years I’ve been working in various positions in a digital agency in Copenhagen named Atcore. I started when it was just five nerdy guys and me. I was hired as a student employee to do various marketing tasks such as writing blog posts and redesigning and translating infographics to our company profile and language.

I graduated the following summer and was offered a full time job as Inbound Marketing Manager – a position I held for three years until I ran out of marketing related words so to speak.

To challenge myself and learn something new I transferred to our Digital Business Optimisation team. However, instead of doing interesting user journeys and qualitative data analysis, I got stuck with Fiddler – checking if clients analytics had been set up right, analysing quantitative data, writing tracking guides, setting up dashboards etc. While I deeply respect my colleagues’ talent and dedication, I don’t thrive having my head stuck in Excel.

And that’s when they offered me to return to marketing but this time as head of. Unfortunately I’d already started looking for other options abroad.

Travel me Tender – Denice quitting

The Original Plan

When I first graduated I’d planned to continue my master degree in Australia. My buddy and I had everything planned – but our school system in Denmark didn’t come through and our plans fell to the ground.

The past year I’ve been looking into universities in Australia to get that master degree. And I found one that suited my needs perfectly in Brisbane – Master of Creative Advertising. While I’ve enjoyed working in a data driven digital agency, I’ve missed the creative part of advertising. The things that are noticeable, fun, creative, based on emotions rather than numbers. And so I applied, I got in, I made plans, but once again the Danish system failed me.

I just got a reply that my application was approved – 4 months later than promised.

That’s how I ended up without a plan but with the travel bug bite itching like never before.

The New Plan

The new plan is that there is no plan so far. I had a lot of money saved for uni and instead of putting that into paying tuition, buying books, being stuck in a classroom, I’m travelling. I’m following my heart into the wilderness of what’s to come.

I’d like to do my divemaster at some point and then hopefully be able to earn some income at some point. I hope to do it in the Dominican Republic, but so far I’ve only planned three countries ahead: Thailand (I’m here now), Taiwan (with Morten – the buddy mentioned earlier) and then Australia where I’m going to a wedding in Melbourne.

In some ways it feels good that my so far final destination is where the travel bug bit me in the first place.

How It All Started

Studying in Australia is not that unfamiliar to me. When I was just 15 I applied to a business school for the sole purpose of going to Australia for a semester. It didn’t hurt that they had marketing and psychology on the schedule either. I had started saving for it when I was 14 and started my first real job at a bakery. The trip wasn’t until I was 17, but i was determined to see the world even then.

Since we were under 18 we had to do home stays with a host family. I got the Arnold-Levy’s who lived in Bentleigh at the time. Wonderful, lovely people that made me feel part of their family straight away.

During the easter holiday, a couple of friends and I went on a trip up the east coast – classic Aussie trip. We also did a couple of trips down south – Great Ocean Road, Tasmania and the like. Those trips really opened my eyes to the ease of travelling alone. How quickly you gain new friends and how much you can see within just one semester of also having to go to school.

It’s my host sister who’s now getting married. And going back feels like going full circle. Maybe I’ll find a peace of my heart there that I lost back then. I’m looking forward to revisit old sights and memories and to figure out where I need to be heading afterwards.

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